ECO-90™ System Design Advantage


SuDS Tier 1 Hierarchy

An ECO-90™ system is a multiple install of ECO – 90s™ and is a clear design option against the two traditional drainage systems of soakaways and boreholes. It scores above both these traditional systems over four scales:

  1. At the scale of the full drainage field the ECO-90™ system increases the surface area to volume ratio, making more soil available for drainage as well as increasing the likelihood of intercepting more permeable soils. This also has the affect of reducing drainage allocation footprint to any new build site, driving GDV higher
  2. At the scale of the individual wells the ECO-90™ system improves the drainage and storage potential of soils, allowing them to develop through use
  3. At the micro or mineralogical scale, soil moisture transfer (shrink-swell) is promoted in otherwise low permeability soils, such as clays and silts
  4. At the carbon scale, the ECO-90™ promotes healthy soils for accelerated shrub and tree growth, removing carbon from the atmosphere faster and thereby making the system operationally carbon NEGATIVE.

“Imagine you are in a competition to sell the most water bottles. You are given a choice of finding customers using either a borehole or a ECO-90™ design.  The borehole is a one-stop lift shaft. You get on at the top and get off at the bottom. So you can only sell water to customers at the bottom of the shaft. However, the ECO-90™ is like a lift serving 31 individual floors of a skyscraper, with each floor representing a lateral soil strata. You can start at the top and get off at all 30 floors below and sell, sell, sell water all day long.”