Introducing theECO-90™

  • Deals with storm water at source, a game changer in SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems)
  • Moves storm water into multiple soil stratas to a depth of 12 metres, bringing into play major additional volume of soil for drainage
  • For new build sites no connection needed to storm drains or combined sewers and a reduced allocation of a site to storm water drainage
  • For residential new build the reduced drainage footprint can create space for more houses and a higher GDV
  • Solves surface saturation, standing water and localised flooding for municipal and recreational facilities
  • Resolves basement and ground floor flooding
  • No moving parts, no external power source required, a self-cleaning sealed system
  • A carbon NEGATIVE drainage system
  • £2 million professional indemnity cover for all installations
  • Over 300 successful UK installations since 2012

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unique drainage product ECO-90™

transforming drainage design & scope

The ECO-90™ is an internationally patented product with unique characteristics that solve a multitude of drainage problems. We launched it in the UK under licence in 2012, since when we have completed over 300 successful installations, including flagship commercial installs at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Edinburgh University, Gleneagles Golf Course, Royal Ascot Race Course and Silverstone Racing Circuit. Made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), standard drainage extrusion, the unique ECO-90™ design uses a multiple open chamber system (see diagram) that creates lateral (horizontal) water transfer to soil stratas to a maximum depth of 12 metres. image learn more about ECO-90™ system

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