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The match is never off

Whatever type of sporting activity, efficient and effective drainage is essential in maintaining a good quality playing surface. Loss of use due to water logging or damage to the grass can result in cancellation of games, lost fixtures, dissatisfied sports people and supporters and potentially financial losses.

An efficient drainage system which is capable of eliminating standing groundwater and which maintains steady moisture content within the ground even after the heaviest downpour, will vastly improve both the quality of the playing surface and the experience of those playing upon it. Improved drainage also enables grounds people to deliver easier and more effective maintenance on time and on schedule.

Groundwater Dynamics fully understand the needs and pressure on sports clubs and local authorities to provide high quality, high yielding playing surfaces all year round. Our philosophy is to give honest and practical advice at all levels. We use our experience and technical knowledge to provide our clients solutions with their specific needs in mind. We investigate and evaluate each proposed project and produce site-specific recommendations.