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Following the Governments response to Sir Michael Pitts review of the summer 2007 floods, a strategy for flood risk management sets out a portfolio of approaches that ensures that flood risks are managed more effectively by adopting an integrated approach.

A particular area of concern is flooding in urban areas from surface water due to the finite design capacity of conventional drainage systems.

One of the government’s primary objectives is for local authorities to deal with excessive level of groundwater wherever they occur; known as ‘’source control’’.

The emphasis is being placed upon sustainable and environmentally friendly drainage systems which ultimately require new technologies to be developed in order to create energy passive 21st century drainage systems which compliment traditional methods.

Our unique EGRP drainage solution ticks many of the boxes required when considering large scale urban projects including highways, railways, airports and other forms of social development. As well as achieving source control our system is also capable of recharging the water table in areas where high densities of hard standing structures are located.