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Planning from the ground up

Groundwater Dynamics Ltd provides property developers with a cost effective, energy passive and proven technology in delivering sustainable drainage systems for all types of soil conditions.

Our Energy-Passive Groundwater Recharge Pumps (EGRPs) harness the energy within the ground by utilising the continuous expansion and contraction of the earth creating a natural solution to a naturally occurring problem, managing rainfall “at source”.

EGRP provide developers, designers, planners and landscape architects with the opportunity to manage;

  • Surface Water Run-off
  • Nuisance Groundwater
  • Localised flooding
  • Simultaneously improving water quality in local watercourses.

This non-invasive and easy to install system requires no external sources of energy while dealing efficiently with the most problematic groundwater conditions while increasing levels of biodiversity and amenity. Furthermore, should the site designers incorporate the system into the groundworks plan at an early stage of development, the whole site can be drained and will remain dry throughout the entire build program.

There are also community benefits to be realised as reduced social taxes are levied wherever groundwater is managed at source and sustainable urban drainage targets are met.