Copt Heath Golf Club


Copt Heath Golf Club

The Energy-passive Groundwater Recharge Pump (EGRP) System solves long standing problem on 1st Fairway

After a successful installation in the above area in March 2014, GWD returned to site for further works in March 2015.

The picture above shows the area of the 1st Fairway where, following heavy rainfall, standing water would take days to disperse and on occasions the club would need to pump water into a neighbouring member’s garden. Since the EGRP system was installed, and following heavy and prolonged periods of rain, the area has remained dry and free from standing water.

Why is EGRP the best solution for golf courses?

With minimal disruption whilst the work was taking place, Copt Heath were able to keep the hole open during our installation which took 5 days to complete. Once the install had finished, golfers could play on the treated area immediately.

Comacchio 305 Drill-Rig

The pictures below show the specialist Comacchio 305 drill-rig mounted on track mats which avoids any damage to the playing surface. Boreholes ranging from 1.5 to 12 metres deep are drilled before each EGRP device is vertically inserted and capped. The top of each device sits 300mm below ground level, and once drilled, a core of turf is replaced creating very little disruption

Key Features

  • Lack of disruption
  • No outflow required
  • No external energy source
  • Deals with rainfall at source
  • No maintenance required
  • Targets localised areas
  • Drains Bunkers


“Following recent deluges of rain, areas of the course are flash flooding, but not the area you have treated – amazing!” – Chairman of Greens Richard Gamlin