Brentford FC Training Facility


The Challenge

Standing water and saturated ground in-between the training pitches and outside of existing drainage system had been a long standing issue for the ground staff.  Prior to the system being installed the area treated would remain saturated with standing water remaining for days.

Why use the EGRP installation system?

With minimal disruption whilst the install was taking place, Brentford FC were able to keep the facility open during works which enabled the club to continue with pre-season training without any disturbance to their schedule. Once the install had finished players could play on the treated area immediately with little change to the make-up of the surface and no post install settlement.


The poorest draining area of the facility was targeted by the client with the makeup of the ground consisting of London clay. The installation itself completed in 4 days.

Key Features

  • Lack of disruption – no need to close facility
  • No outflow required
  • Deals with rainfall at source
  • Energy-passive requiring NO external energy source