Warwick School 100114 EGRP Activated

Warwick School 1st XV Rugby Pitch

FIELDS 14TH FEB 2013 4

Historic localised winter flooding renders pitch unplayable

Warwick School is an independent school situated on the outskirts of Warwick adjacent to the river Avon. The school is highly respected for its excellent sporting facilities, in particular, its schoolboy rugby union achievements where 32 acres of playing fields accommodate a whole range of field sports. During the wetter months of the year rising water levels in the river Avon are an indication that groundwater levels in surrounding areas will also have risen. Add to this bouts of heavy and/or prolonged rainfall onto already saturated ground and the result is shown in the left hand picture above.

Our challenge was to design a system that would deliver effective drainage during periods when both of the forces mentioned above were in force, in order to eradicate standing water and pooling and ultimately enabling students to play rugby despite the weather conditions. Our 5 week installation in the 2013 school summer holiday period inserted over 1100 vertical drainage devices to a maximum depth of 12 metres. As per our pre-install site investigations, after drilling through several layers of poor draining sub soil, we reached horizontal layers of gravel and course sand at lower levels.